What is Cloud Computing and How Can You Use it?

Cloud computing is fast becoming a business essential, it’s opening new doors for businesses of all sizes, shortening the IT gap between micro and small businesses and top organisations in the world. Cloud computing is a term that is thrown around the business world these days. You may be familiar with the term and have a basic grasp of the concept but do you know how it works and how you can benefit from it.

What is the Cloud?

Let’s begin by defining what the cloud is. Keeping it simple is the best option here. Currently, you will be using a hard drive to store your files and your software. Larger businesses may also have their own servers. Think of the cloud as a virtual server or hard drive. You’re able to store data virtually so it can be accessed by any device you’re using. You’re not limited by the size of your hard drive or server space and limitations are further reduced as you can access your data at any time even if you’re not working on your computer.


Your data is securely stored on the Internet essentially. There is a huge capacity of space available for you to use and delve into as your business grows. You have access to a complex IT cloud infrastructure without the need for IT experts within your organisation to implement, migrate, manage and secure it. It’s instant, it’s collaborative and a very powerful tool that’s easily accessible.

What Can You Use it For?

One of the main uses for cloud computing is to store files for archive purposes and the files you’re using on a regular basis. It frees up space on your computer and allows you to access your data whenever you please. The data is secured so you have a system that will benefit your data recovery systems tenfold. Your hard drive can become corrupt, your laptop could get stolen or your server could self-destruct and your data stored on the cloud will remain untouched and accessible.

Cloud Computing

Access to Apps

The other use of the cloud is to have access to a whole myriad of apps that will be of great benefit to your company. Like your data, the apps are stored on the cloud and not the computer systems within your business. You can reach them from a multitude of devices and they are affordable solutions helping your business to grow and work more efficiently.

There are apps for everything, from accounting to graphic design. You can pick and choose the ones you want to use and not pay more than you need to. You don’t have to worry about buying expensive software or packages and there’s no need for you to pay out for multiple licences. Your employees can access the apps you give them authority to use, saving your business a huge amount of money in the process.

How to Use the Cloud

The best way to use cloud computing is by searching for a service provider. They will be able to answer your questions and set you up with what you need. If you’re interested in learning more visit the cloud data center for assistance.

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