Use These 3 Social Media Sources To Add Some Sparkle To Your Next DIY Efforts

So here we are in 2014, and what plans do you have for home improvement? Many of us simply fail to plan for the DIY project in hand and end up making a real pig’s ear of the whole affair. If you’ve ever felt envious of your neighbour’s immaculate feature wall, or perhaps your buddy’s lawn has turned you greener than the grass, you should probably try a new idea box. Social media is going to be even bigger in 2014 and it’s not just for the tweets and status updates anymore. By looking a little closer at these popular platforms, you can also get some pretty amazing DIY tips and suggestions. So we’ve highlighted 3 of the best that may just help you to turn that frown upside down.

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This site is probably better known for its wacky and slightly rude video clips, but it can also be mined for hundreds of cool DIY tips. Just type in your latest project keyword and you’ll soon be faced with a plethora of ‘How To’ clips that will definitely show you a thing or two about how it should be done. Some things are best left to visual instruction and home improvement certainly falls into that camp. You’ve also got hundreds of bespoke channels to choose from and we almost guarantee that whatever it is that you’re trying to do, YouTube will have it covered, and then some! If you’re not shy and are proud of your finished job, feel free to upload it onto the social platform and sit back as the comments come flying in.


Although Pinterest is a fairly new addition to the social media family, it is already the second largest of them all. The platform is all about visual impact and each user is allowed to assemble as many inspiration boards as they wish. Regarding your DIY project, we would recommend that you keep a board allocated for each target room or feature and start raiding other boards for some inspired choices. You will soon have some followers who will be only too happy to offer their own ‘expert’ opinions. These boards can also be share with other platforms and pretty soon you will have more ideas than you know what to do with. Pinterest also has some resident professionals who can offer a few quotes free of charge.

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Our final social media platform is all about home improvement and really pushes the boat of regarding new projects and inspired ideas. Once you’ve joined the gang, you’ll be blogging away about what it is that you need in particular. Eventually you will be interacting with the entire community and those suggestions will allow you to get stuck into that kitchen, bathroom or wherever it is that you are going to improve.

Ready To Join?

If you like the sound of these 3 suggestions, simply join the one you fancy and get ready to get busy – Good Luck!

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