These Are the Ways That Facebook Can Get You Into Trouble With Your Partner

Facebook has a lot of positive traits and can be a great tool for enhancing and maintaining relationships in fact. While that’s true however, it can also be a bad thing in a number of ways too and actually has a very real ‘dark side’ that can have a negative impact on many aspects of your life. And this is particularly true for relationships – there are many ways that Facebook can be your undoing when you’re dating. Unsure how something as seemingly harmless as a social network could potentially land you in the dog house…

Falking the Wrong Person

Just in case you’re not down with the lingo, Falking of course means ‘stalking through Facebook’ – Facebook providing a convenient means for many people to spy on the objects of their crushes.

The only problem with this is that when you get into a relationship you don’t instantly stop fancying other people (no matter what you get told). Plus there’s that ex who keeps cropping up on there and you’re likely to keep wondering what it is that they’re up to these days… which ultimately results in your spending a lot of time on the profiles of people that aren’t your partner. Is that sort of like cheating?


Facebook also provides an interesting variety of ways for you to get caught. You can get caught because your partner walks in to see you looking at a picture of someone else, or just when they see that your Facebook page keeps showing the same contacts on your friends list – which happen to be your ex and your fit friend who you rarely speak to… Uh oh…

Bad Tags

You often hear about the dangers of getting tagged from a career perspective – and we all know how bad some photos on Facebook can be for your prospects in an interview. But then again they can also be damaging for your relationships which you tend to hear about less often.

Have a dance with someone at a party that was harmless but didn’t look harmless? Then that picture could get you into a world of trouble. Or perhaps the photo was just taken at the wrong moment when your eyes happened to be glancing sideways at another man/woman. Either way you’ll have some explaining to do…

Bad Tags

Inappropriate Comments

Then there are the inappropriate comments that come from complete crazies. These can be exes, or people who just wish they dated you (or who like to stir trouble). Either way, these people know just what to write on your picture in order to get your partner jealous and love doing it in order to create arguments and feel good about themselves…

Inappropriate Comments

Relationship Status

And finally the big one. Talking about how to label a relationship is never fun, but unfortunately Facebook rather forces the issue by giving you a public space to declare the fact that you’re dating (or not as the case may be). Not ready to be ‘in a relationship’ yet? Good luck then…

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