The Best Social Media Tools for Marketing Professionals and Business Owners

Many business owners and marketers find they have need of social media dashboard tools that empower them to better connect with and reach out to their current and future clients. These tools have made life much easier for these hardworking professionals, but as there are so many tools on the market, it’s imperative that they’re using the very best tools that they have access to.

With that in mind, how can a hardworking professional with little time to spare evaluate the social media tools on the market and select the very best one for their needs?

Perhaps the best way to evaluate the social media dashboard tools that they have access to is to use an infographic, one that’s a) unbiased, b) the result of real users’ experiences and not the expert opinion of some faceless ‘social media specialist’, and c) actually validates the identity of those who express their opinions, like G2Crowd.

That’s where the following software rankings come from and with more than 40,000 validated user reviews, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to deny the authenticity of the rankings and reviews that real software users from around the world have given.

User Satisfaction

These are the first rankings that marketers and business owners should look at when searching for the very best social media dashboard tools on the market. According to G2Crowd, Agorapulse delivers the most satisfying user experiences of all (98/100), followed by Sprout Social (95/100), Hootsuite (92/100), and then Sendible (66/100).

Product Direction

This entails the ability of the vender to meet new trends, new features and the demands of its users, so it’s important to look at this aspect of social media dashboard tools with regard to the demands of the future. Once again it was Agorapulse that came out on top (9.6), followed by Sendible and Sprout Social (8.9) and then Hootsuite (8.4).


Although you may never actually need it, it’s always good to know that you can access the support you need when required. For those who struggle with digital tools, don’t overlook the importance of being able to access dedicated technical support.

With real user rankings of 9.6/10, Agorapulse emerges victorious once again, followed closely by Sprout Social with 9.3, then Sendible with 8.7, and at the bottom, Hootsuite with a support ranking of just 8.0 given by users.

User Requirements

The ability of a social media tool to meet the requirements of those who use it is of particular importance, especially to marketers and busy professionals.

According to the real user reviews from G2Crowd, Hootsuite and Sprout Social came in last with user rankings of 8.3, Sendible received a score of 8.5, and once again, it was Agorapulse that delivered with user rankings of 8.6, making it the highest ranking social media dashboard tool currently available on the market today.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use social media dashboard tool that delivers excellent customer support, meets new trends, features and user requirements, you’re looking for Agorapulse.

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