Supercharge Your Newly Launched Website with These SEO Techniques

When you move from an old site to a new one, it can become very difficult to maintain your SEO rankings on Google and other search engines. This is because when you launch a new website, a lot of things change. For example:

  • All your web pages now have new links, which may or may not be updated
  • Your directory structure changes, and your existing XML sitemap can mislead search engines
  • Even though you may have the same domain, the underlying schema changes can confuse search engines

Here are some of the things that you can do in order to maintain your rankings or at the very least, regain them in a short period of time.

SEO rankings on Google

Redirect your links

There may be thousands of links to your web pages on the internet. It is not possible for you to update those links because they are on somebody else’s web property. What you need to do here is to set up proper redirect. You need to make sure that the old links to your website still point to the proper pages.

This is where redirection can help you save time. Take stock of all the links on your old website and set up proper redirection links, so they point to the new structure. This will ensure that there are no dead links to your website. Search engines will not find any dead ends and so your rankings are likely to be maintained.

Redirect your links

You can always use automated scripts or tools to complete the redirection project, but chances are that there will be some (or many) outstanding cases where the links have not been redirected. Therefore, run a link checker through all your links to see which page they redirect to. Initially, there might be some pages that redirect to the wrong new page, but this can be corrected gradually.

New sitemap

New web architecture means that you need a completely new sitemap in XML. Make sure that you generate accurate schema of your website and submit it to search engines. More importantly, delete the old sitemap, so that search engines are not confused between the two.

New sitemap

Your site map:

  • Should have a clean structure
  • Should have neatly segregated sections for different content
  • Contain all active links

Your site map

Site analytics

It is very common to forget to install proper analytics tools amid all the confusion of launching a new website. Yet, this is the most important thing and often the first thing to do when you deploy your new website. Your analytics will tell you:

  • How well people respond to your new website
  • How long they stay on your website
  • Which of the links are not redirecting properly

Site analytics

Conclusion: Launching a new website is not just about a new installation. It can work for well your business only if search engine optimisation comes with it. In order to ensure the smoothest of transitions to your new website, hire a professional web development and SEO company like the SEOracle to help you maintain your rankings.

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