Stay On Top Of Your Home Improvement Activities With These 3 YouTube Channels

For houseproud individuals everywhere, a home improvement project offers a chance to make the place even more attractive and possibly add a little ROI into the whole activity. But the problem with any kind of DIY work is the possibility of it all going pear shaped. As well as being handy with the brush and whatever tools are required, you need a decent dash of inspiration for a really good result. Each weekend, thousands of hapless homeowners stumble into the nearest home improvement depot and come out with armfuls of materials without the slightest idea of what they are going to achieve. So why not look to some experts for free advice that could really make a difference? We’ve raided the wonderful YouTube channel for 3 very sweet channels that have just what you need for fixing up your home and garden whenever you want it. Please check out our unbiased reviews and see if you can be persuaded to go into the DIY breach one more time!



Our first DIY-tastic YouTube channel is a great place to start because Mark Donovan is an incredibly endearing soul with so much to offer the home improvement fans out there. He offers over 100 videos on all aspects of home remodelling and decorating goodness. Mr Donovan is very presentable and easy to understand, as he talks and walks us through a plethora of popular home improvement activities without even breaking a sweat. You can find almost every single DIY job that exists amongst the myriad of clips on offer and if you can’t find a particular job, we’re sure that Mark will have that one added before too long. With well over 12,000 faithful subscribers, we reckon that Mark is one of the more popular home improvement experts around. So get your slice of HomeAdditionPlus and see what Mark can do for you and your home.

eHow Home

eHow Home

Well, what can you say about eHow that hasn’t already been said? This instructional giant has long since been the king of the ‘how to’ video shorts and this dedicated channel is just what the DIY doctor ordered. If you are looking for advice on how to replace your soft furnishings or fixing up a broken old chair, you’ll find it here and then some! Practically each and every aspect of home improvement gets the eHow treatment and we are grateful that they have dedicated the whole channel to such a worthy cause. So get yourselves tuned into this beauty of DIY channel and you’ll soon be inventing reasons to get out the old tool box each and every weekend.


Our final YouTube outing is a garden-centric channel that goes by the name of It’s a real eclectic mix of home related goodness and we’d suggest you check it out sooner rather than later because it really is a hidden gem.

Ready For Action?

Well we hope so, so get yourself onto YouTube and start learning from the experts now!

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