Spare Parts Suppliers Are an Important Factor in the Success of Your Business

The road haulage business can be very precarious. There is plenty of volume that needs to be moved on the UK’s roads each day. More importantly, it is an industry that needs to comply with the vast range of legislation that is in place to safeguard the public on the motorways and roads of the country. The cost of fuel rarely goes down, so there is continual pressure on profitability because every client will be looking at its own profitability and be reluctant to accept an increase in rates.

There is also an enormous amount of advice, training courses, and publications that can help a company with its operations. There is no excuse for not knowing about changes that come into force. An owner needs to be certain that nothing is missed.


Failure to comply with the law will result in severe penalties. There is the Health and Safety Executive as well as police observation of vehicles on the thoroughfares. One thing that is defined and must be adhered to without exception is the maximum weight for vehicle and load. Ironically, the Department of Transport actually suggests that if more vehicles carried the maximum it would result in a reduction of the number of vehicles on the road. Obviously, that would produce a significant benefit to the environment, but try telling that to the haulage company looking to make a profit. An enterprising haulier will look around for part loads if there is room on the vehicle – but not delay the load if it does not make economic sense.

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One aspect of the haulage business is that vehicles that are standing idle are not making money – this is an obvious statement, but it should concentrate an owner’s mind on ensuring that vehicles are well-maintained at all times. The company’s garage is a critical part of any haulage business. Experienced mechanics will keep the fleet on the road and have the necessary spare parts in stock to do that.

The flatbed is the vehicle that has the most flexibility. Loads can be palletised and simply covered in tarpaulins and roped securely or fitted with a frame and curtain sides that provide extra protection from the elements. Companies may have a mixture of vehicles, depending on the contracts that they hold. There are loose raw materials that require a specific vehicle, yet palletised loads or those that are best loaded by forklift are more suitable for flatbeds.


Always in demand

The roads can never be replaced as the major means of moving goods around the country and, indeed, across the continent. The task of a company is to market its services, ensure it is competitive, and keep its fleet well-maintained. Its supplier plays a major role in the latter.

A company that specialises in supplying trailer parts understands the importance of being able to fulfil orders quickly. It involves ensuring a good level of stock and a rapid response system that will have orders en route to customers as soon as possible.

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