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Okay, the housing market has started to pick up and it’s looking good again for people who are selling their homes. The rising house prices also mean that they will have a little extra equity to help with their new home affordability. So if you are also thinking of putting your home up for sale, why not join the growing trend that seems to be working wonders for thousands of house sellers? We are talking about social media here and we’ll now explain how you can use these fabulous platforms to sell your home and do so very quickly.

Home sell on Facebook


Facebook is all about sharing the good things in life and why not let people know that you have a great place for sale at a cool price? If you think about your entire group of online friends, consider that number and think about the friends that each of these guys also have. From 100 friends, you could be reaching 100 times that amount, and surely one of these individuals will like your property? In order to reach a crowd of that number, first you should create a Fan Page and then add some killer slides and even some 3-D staging would be a smart move. Add a splash of engaging chat and start inviting your buddies, things should soon get moving, especially when you offer them a few incentives!


By creating a Fan Page, you can separate the house selling chat from your usual activities. If you decide to stick with your personal profile, you’ll risk boring the pants off your pals and could soon be witnessing the social media version of tumbleweeds. If you get some interest in your home, try to keep it on the lowdown until you’ve signed the papers. Otherwise you could be jeopardizing the whole shebang and will have plenty of social egg on you face as a result.

house selling chat


By adjusting your privacy settings, you can control who sees what on your profile page. You can share the news of your house sale to all and sundry whilst keeping your socialising antics just for your buddies. This will help you to keep the two activities totally separate, and both parties will be happier as a result.

External Link

As well as using Facebook, you can also link the sale up to external sites and this will increase the likelihood of a sale. There are plenty of these specific platforms that are out there and some of them are pretty good. You can feature your home on both sites and also add links to your email and any other online presence that you may have.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

These are not that cheap but they are very effective when it comes to promoting services and products. You can choose the target audience and this approach uses a ‘pay per click’ approach that allows you to set a daily budget. We would recommend this approach if you are happy to pay a little extra for the process.


Please feel free to try these tips and you may well be selling that home quicker than you thought was possible.

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