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If you have a small or medium business and are using socialmedia to market your brand, how is it working out for you so far? If you have tried Facebook to promote your business you’ve probably noticed how they’ve started to levy a duty on the once free services that were offered to businesses. This is a shame because thousands of companies were doing okay previously with these vehicles. It seems that many smaller concerns have had enough of this turnaround and maybe the Zuckerberg giant has been a little premature, time will tell. So let’s look at some alternatives that can still offer you a bang for hopefully far less bucks, and there are still a few out there.

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Brand Advocacy

Traditionally, smaller businesses have always prospered via the word-of-mouth methodology and that is still the case, even if the advent of technology has changed a few of the parameters somewhat. Instead of looking at the overall reach of your marketing strategy, it may be more profitable to take a little more time to find the people who are a great match for your brand. Advocacy strategies will help you to achieve this end result and sites such as Zuberance are very adept at helping with this particular brand of marketing. The majority of people who rock up to your Facebook page usually never visit again. Instead of aiming for the maximum amount of ‘likes’ perhaps you should be concentrating on the people who will stick around and even share your page to likeminded folk. By adding a ‘like’ button onto your main website, you can still share your brand with Facebook users without the need to create a page.

Website Engagement

If your business website is all business and no fun, why not change that for the better and add a little humanity to the proceedings? Some photos of yourself and your staff will certainly help to break the ice rather nicely. Add a few videos to the testimonials page and some ‘how-to’ clips can also work wonders. The name of the game is to attract your potential and existing customers to the business end of your cyber presence and keep them there long enough to make it count.

Website Engagement

Try Some Other Social Media Flavours

So Facebook has started charging for these marketing opportunities and it’s really no surprise to be honest. They are so huge now that the loss of a few thousand smaller business accounts is hardly going to keep Zuckerberg awake at night, so why not check out a few platforms that have something to offer instead? Why not use to create a cheap website and a blog to help drive the traffic thataways? And Tumblr is a free option that may still have some life in those legs. Pinterest are not charging and they have way over half the Facebook profiles up and running. You need to do some research and start working a little more proactively instead of paying for fake likes, eventually you and your business will find the right fit – Good Luck!

Author Bio: Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Nancy has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.

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