Main Symptoms of Bad Website Design

Everybody loves being on a website that has been well laid out and thought through, everything is running so smoothly and precise that they don’t even realise they are enjoying their time surfing a site. When they surf a bad website they can be in and out within ten seconds and it could have been down to the load time of one image so it is important to make sure that your website design is top notch and voids some of the most hated characteristics of bad website design.

Slow Load Time

If your website decides to show a load time icon forget it, the user has already “X’d” out of your site. In their head they have already taken a chance by visiting your site so they want to waste as little time as possible while on it. When they see a loading sign they feel like they could easily waste another 5 minutes on your site and still not have the answer they are looking for.

Slow Load Time

Poor Navigation

Poor navigation is another big worry for me, if the menu buttons are small and hidden away then chances are that the website isn’t going to be user friendly and that is generally enough for me, I’m gone and I won’t return. Most websites will have a big button or an “on hover” action which is where the wording changes colour when you hold the cursor over it. If you take a look at the web design for Caerphilly City Council you can see immediately that it is hard to find the navigation menus as the font and style sheet are almost non-existent. This makes it very hard for people to find the information they want

Popup Windows

Popup windows can drive people mad and it will only take them a second to decide that your website is wasting their time. But what really drives me personally round the bend is when a window pops up and you can’t find the close button. The same goes when you try to access a website through a mobile device and it tells me I have to download an app.

Popup Windows

Unsecure shopping carts

SLL certs don’t cost a lot in comparison to the amount a website should be turning over if it is successful. You will be able to tell if a website has gone through the necessary steps to make sure you are secure by a little lock in a green square in the corner of the browser when using the Google Chrome browser.

If you are a business trying to get online make sure you go to the professionals to ensure the job is done right. Take a look at the company’s ability to satisfy previous customers’ needs by taking a look at their portfolio page. Take amitywebsolutions for example their extensive range of previous clients is phenomenal so you can really trust that they know what they are doing.

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