HR Marketing For Small Businesses: Things To Note!

Acquiring and retaining talent can be an exhaustive process. HR departments are constantly struggling with selection, and often, they have to make-do with resumes already available. HR marketing changes the course and approach completely. As the name implies, HR marketing is about applying marketing practices to human resources. There are many relevant terms involved in this, such as employee value proposition or EVP and employer branding. Contrary to what many may believe, HR marketing is not just for big brands and businesses – it works aptly for smaller companies, startups and businesses alike. In fact, in some cases, HR marketing works better for smaller setups.

The need for HR marketing

First and foremost, you need to understand that HR marketing is a process and not a quick fix. It works on revamping the way people, especially potential candidates, look at your company. For smaller companies, it is hard to find the right talents, often because they don’t have big paychecks to offer. As such, HR marketing promotes their interests in a definitive way. This can be directly equated with traditional marketing used for selling products and services. With regular marketing, you are telling customers why your product is better than others, while HR marketing tells potential employees why they should work for your company. The process is simple and works best for businesses that need to get people on board at the right time.

How difficult is HR marketing?

In all fairness, HR marketing is an exclusive branch, which requires experience and expertise. You need to find a company that can help you in getting the right start. Hiring a team for the job might not be the most viable choice for smaller firms. Agencies working on HR marketing can initiate the research and create a plan for employer branding that uses the right channels and means. Just hiring people is not enough, which is why brands must also focus on retention, and HR marketing also takes a call on that, by establishing programs, workshops, and means of internal communications.

If you have been hiring with the same old means and have not evaluated the process by which talent is acquired for your company, you are already missing the race. Make the most of HR marketing, because it ensures returns and offers you the choice to become an employer brand, but without really spending more than what you have assumed or have decided in advance.

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