How Social Media Will Change in 2014 and Beyond

Social media is becoming even more popular in 2014 and that much was fairly predictable, but perhaps there are some hidden depths that have not really shown their cards to all and sundry so far. We all know that Facebook is no longer a teenage stronghold and maybe there are a few more trends that social media marketing people need to pick up on before the year speeds off and leaves them far behind! If your campaign is starting to come off the rails, or perhaps just needs a shot in the arm, please read the rest of this article for a few heads-ups that could turn your fortune around in 2014.

Graphics Rule Okay?

Content may still be king, but that content better have a nice slice of visual candy onboard in 2014. Surveys have shown that a post on Facebook will get 53% more likes if it has a photo attached. The same update will also receive 84% more CTR’s and a whopping 104% more comments. These figures do not lie and those who ignore the power of the graphic in 2014 may well see a pretty poor ROI on their social media marketing campaign. This is another reason why Tumblr and Pinterest are attracting such a tidal wave of great publicity in the very same arena. The written content is still going to be as important but we may well see some software that can transform the word into a visual post in the not too distant future.

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Social Selling is Not Happening

The hard sell approach has never sat well with social media and this trend is not moving anywhere in 2014. The facts are fairly simple, social media folk love spending their money on things, but they detest being advised on what they should be buying. Keep on engaging with the same demographic and the sales may well come at a later date. The most important thing we can use social media for in 2014 is to establish and maintain a trust relationship through entertaining and interesting encounters. If you are running a firm of car accident lawyers and you are trying to generate new sales, avoid any inclusion of prices and terms, but do create some dialogue that will appeal to people who have recently experienced something similar.

Automation Will Rock in 2014!

More firms will be looking to social media marketing techniques in 2014 and that may add a little pressure to the broad shoulders of the promotional teams. In order to cope with this increase in demand, automation will surely be a huge part of the way forward. By using the likes of HootSuite to keep the updates nice and real, these guys will have more time to come up with fresh and relevant content. Autonomic-centric technology will become a big part of marketing in 2014 and the techies out there are already dreaming up new ways to ease that burden from the more creative shoulders.

Autonomic-centric technology

Will Your 2014 Be Great or Just Good?

Nobody can really predict, but as long as you stay abreast of these changes, you may just have the best year of your business life.

Author Bio: Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Nancy has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.

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