Find Out Why You Should Go Healthy With Green Tea!

Currently, everyone wants to go healthy. Some prefer going to the gym, some diet, others (a very small percentage), choose to eat healthy. One other way you can improve your health is by taking green tea. However, why green tea? Here is why:

  • Green tea lowers cholesterol and helps in weight loss

If there is a woman reading this, she will definitely shop for it tomorrow. It reduces fat and increases the metabolism, and consequently reduces the chances of strokes and heart disease, two top killer diseases today. So do not feel bad when everyone is waking up early for a run or feel guilty after eating a packet of fries, a burger and topped it up with a beer. This tea is proven to do reduce cholesterol levels in your system, so one might want to start here while struggling to change the eating habits.

  • Good for skin

Most people are carried away by advertisements showing us how different skin products will work on anyone. Skip the adverts and take the responsibility of caring for your skin by drinking green tea. It contains antioxidants that help combat aging. Most beauty salons are known to use treatments made from green tea. It is also said to revitalize the skin and this makes it healthier.

  • Improves dental health

Save the tormenting trip to the dentist by just downing a few cups of this drink, since it eliminates bacteria known to cause gum disease and tooth decays. The tea might not be as sweet as your every-day coffee, but do not be tempted to add sweetness, as this kills its purpose. One can even give to the young ones early enough to avoid weak gums, as they grow up.

  • Prevents loss of hair

For the hair salons, you might consider products with green tea. It is known to prevent hair loss, helps prevent dandruff and contains Vitamin E that helps grow soft healthier hair. In addition, I think we all agree that dandruff is simply not attractive.

  • Eliminates bloating

We have all suffered from this! Well, green tea is known to reduce that gas in your tummy that comes from eating all sorts of foods. There is nothing as uncomfortable as gas. Moreover, it usually comes without warning and mostly when one has a business meeting with that top client. Therefore, to reduce chances of embarrassing yourself, drink some green tea and your tummy is good to go.

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