Financial Tips to Get Easy Mortgage Loans to Buy Homes

The Consumer Financial Protection Agency, in the year January 2013, came up with a new regulation for mortgages. This act has set stricter requirements for all the lenders. It requires the lenders to make sure that every borrower is in a position to repay the entire loan amount within the agreed period. The financers will also need to undertake all the necessary precautions to avoid any default situations.

How does a customer benefit from the act?

This act looks into the various aspects like assets owned by a borrower and source of income. The financer will also need to check the ratio of increasing debt to income, which is just to make sure that the client is not already pressurized with other loans and defaulted in payments. This regulation also implements various sections of Dodd Frank Act 2010. It is aimed at protecting consumers while they apply for mortgage loans.

does a customer benefit from the act

On the other hand, many experts believe that unlike in the past, it will be more difficult for people to get funds for their investments.

Tips on Obtaining Funds for Your Home

The most important part while you borrow funds is to ensure your credit rating is maintained well. Meaning, your loaner will accept your application for credit based on your repayment history. If you’ve never been a defaulter, then no lender will give it a second thought while financing your purchases.

There are several advantages if your credit report is maintained well. You can not only avail any loan easily, but also be offered funds at comparatively lower interest rates. Thus, it is very essential that you never default on your payments and use credit beyond the limit granted to you by your bank or financial institution.

Also, before you apply anywhere for a home loan, go through your payment history and find out if there are any misreporting showing up on your credit report. In such a case, make sure that you get to the bottom of the issue and get it removed. Always remember, a clean repayment history will clear the way to get easy money on credit.

Obtaining Funds for Your Home

Increase the Down Payment

Today, it is feasible to get mortgage by paying minimum down payment. In case you are short of funds, then it is recommend that you invest your money to double it up in other schemes. Although it might take time, but you’ll are sure to get enough of profit by doing so. It would be a good idea to invest in interest bearing account, which is a little less risky for example market deposit account.

There are other ways as well like liquidating or converting assets to cash. The other option is borrowing from some cash on your life insurance policy or employer sponsored retirement plan. Always keep one thing in mind that if you take any loan against the cash value, the benefit to your survivors after your death will be reduced depending on the value of the loan. You could also face tax consequences in case you surrender your policy with loan outstanding against it.

Increase the Down Payment

A thorough research on all the options available in the mortgage market is quite important. Once you are convinced with your findings, then choose the one which best suits your requirements. You could also look for best quotes online, before applying for it. Know your product well and go through the terms and conditions carefully.

There are two types of mortgages. The first one is the fixed product and the second is flexible. The former product has fixed interest rate, while the later will have a variable one based on standard financial index. You can choose the one that fulfills your demand.

Author’s Bio:- Vance works as a senior officer at John D Wood & Co in the property management division. He has also been writing well researched posts on the real estate market trends in London.

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