Embrace Technology And Sell Your Home Faster!

Despite a wealth of online selling tools being available to all and sundry, most people give these a wide berth when the time comes to market their property. Using a realtor is still the favoured method and that’s all well and good. These guys know their stuff and usually give a good bang for your buck, but how about trying another way? You can sell your home online and save the realtor fee without too much effort on your part. Okay, you’ll have to do some legwork and each day may bring a bit of extra work on your behalf, but you’ll save thousands and might even enjoy the whole experience. Here we discuss the best way to get your property out there and give yourselves the best chance for a great end result.

Home Sell Technology


Your first move is to create a website for the sole purpose of showing off your wonderful home to the whole wide world. You can use a website builder or do it yourself, they really are not that hard to make these days. You simply buy a domain name, something that reflects your property, use a WordPress site builder and host the thing once it is ready. There are hundreds of cool themes that will do the job nicely and just ensure that you take hundreds of pictures and a few video clips. These really need to be top notch and use some cool copy to make your home sound like it is one in a million. You’ll now need to drive some meaningful traffic to your website, as discussed below.

Online Advertising

Google and Facebook both offer a decent advertising option, just look into the cost of these services before committing yourself. Think about your target demographic and this is where Facebook can really help you. The advertising campaign should be aimed at bringing potential buyers to your website. Don’t duplicate the information but use some tasters on the advert to attract them to your main course. Using pay per click will ensure that you only pay for the visitors that make the online journey.

Online Home Sell Advertising


You can also use your online contacts list to send out a polite email with a link to your website. Just ensure you don’t send out a blanket email as you may upset a few more selective people.

Social Media

You can add a link to your personal page or maybe create a Facebook Fan Page instead. Invite your friends and start loading up some killer slides of your home. Try to engage your followers and they should start to pop over to your website for a closer look. You can also circulate into new communities and let them know about your lovely home.

Social Media home Sell Advertising


Why not start a new blog and promote your selling website from this platform? Pick a topic that you enjoy and see who comes over for a chat. You could always concentrate on the topic in hand, but sometimes it’s good to be a little more laid back.

And You’re There!

Ensure that your home is well represented and soon you’ll be planning an open day for all of your prospective buyers – Good Luck!

Author Bio: Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Nancy has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.

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