Embark On The Quest To Save Water In Your Garden!

Nowadays, people are more conscious about their finances and are focusing on ways to reduce utility bills to save money. Water is an important element in any home and you will find that at times it accounts for a significant percentage of your monthly utility bills. For people who are working on maintaining a green lawn, there is a high usage of water as a result of watering the grass, flowers and other plants. The good news is that there are some ways you can save water on the lawn and drastically reduce the amount of water you have to spend such as:

  • Install water tanks

Solely depending on tap water will lead to exorbitant bills because you will be billed for the amount of water used. Therefore, installing water tanks would come in handy so that you can collect rain water. All you have to do is consult professionals to inspect your house and rainfall patterns in your area. This will allow you to get recommendation for the best kind of water tank that will best suit your needs. The water can also be used in the home for various tasks such as doing the laundry, bathing and even cooking.

  • Watering equipment

Make sure that the watering equipment you are using is functioning properly and there is no leakage. This is because malfunctioning equipment will lead to a lot of wasted and should be repaired the minute it is detected. Checking the condition of the watering equipment should be done regularly to make sure that everything is in order. You should also consider investing in a full sprinkler or drip irrigation systems that help save water, time and labor.

  • The type of plants

Most plants require liberal watering to make sure that roots are well established in the soil when they are initially planted. There are those that will do without much watering but there are also those that will still require lots of water throughout. Therefore, it is important to select your plants by paying special consideration to the weather pattern in your area. A horticulturist can help you select the best kind of plants for your lawn.

  • Watering time

The best time to water your lawn is just before sunset or just after sunrise. This is because during this period, there is minimal evaporation because the temperature is cool. Obviously, watering when the sun is at its peak will lead to faster evaporation, which means you will need to water more.

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