Cloud Computer Technology Glossary for Beginners

Though not a new technology by any means, cloud computer technology is perhaps one of the hardest types of technologies to understand. This is especially true for those who are just beginning to look into the cloud technology that is available on the market. One of the first terms to understand is the term ‘cloud’. Many people who hear the word ‘cloud’ are puzzled as to how this can be associated with technology. However, cloud is simply referring to the global network that represents the internet. This is not an actual “cloud” of wires or whatnot that many people immediately think of.

Other terms that are commonly used in this context:

  • Cloud Storage

This is an option that allows you to store data in a remote location without compromising your personal data storage limits. The data is transferred via the internet to an offsite storage system that is maintained by a third party company.


  • Content Delivery Network

When people talk of the cloud technology, they often talk of the CDN. The CDN or Content Delivery Network is what makes many people love the cloud as it increases the speed for users. This is a system of servers that are connected through various locations. This is going to allow a user to access the server nearest to them in order to improve their speeds.

  • Cloud Provider

There is not just one cloud. These providers are utilising the cloud technology and making their own clouds. Thus a cloud provider is simply a provider that you can utilise for your cloud technology needs.

cloud computing

  • Vertical Cloud

This type of cloud is aimed as specific industries and is built with their needs in mind. For example, government operations, healthcare fields or financial services that require the flexibility and safety provided by the Cloud, with small tweaks that are needed for their industry.

  • Cloud sourcing

This term is referring to those who use the cloud technology for their needs. It is a term that means a company replaces their traditional methods of technology with cloud services for business.

Cloud storage

There are also some terms that many people hear that are thrown around when talking about the cloud, especially Amazon and Google. These two companies did not invent cloud technology, but they are companies that utilise this greatly. Google provides their cloud backup system and file storage system for Gmail users and others who are interested. Amazon provides music services and file storage with cloud services.  Cloud technology is being seen everywhere and it will continue to grow, bringing about new terms and language to learn.

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