c5 hacks to optimize every piece of content for SEO

Being a high-quality content writer if you are unable to optimize your content then there is no point in publishing and promoting that content. If you do not optimize your content then you won’t have much traffic on your website.

Here are 5 tricks by which you can optimize your content.

  1. Use Appropriate Keywords:

To create an SEO friendly content the usage of keywords is a must. You may not have a number of keywords but you should have at least one primary keyword, you may need to add a few related keywords with the main keyword. While your content writing agency writes the content of your web page you may find a better keyword by searching it on Google AdWords Keyword Planner which may lead to optimizing your primary keyword.

  1. Having meaningful names for your content files:

If you are thinking of uploading your content file on the social network area, make sure the way you name your files. A file name which does not have a direct connection with the main content of the file is not optimized to be searched properly.

Before you upload you should rename your file to something meaningful. Use keywords to name your files and optimize them appropriately. This technique is not only good for Google but also for people who are downloading your page and refer to it according to the keyword you have used in naming the file. Hire an Ebook copywriter for this job.

  1. The title, description and the keyword section should be always filled up:

While you fill up the title, description, and keyword tags during your content submission you should make sure that your content can be easily searched. All the three section should have the keyword phrase in it. This makes your content to be searched easily. Get this job done by content writing services.

  1. Optimizing your topics:

If your topic and genre are optimized well then Google gives your content a higher rank which enables readers to search your content easily. To reach the maximum people either your content has to be very popular or it has to come under recent searches set by Google.

  1. The keyword of your content should be promoted with optimization:

It is very important to promote your optimized keyword. You would often want to check out if your content is getting the maximum views or not. For this the following points should be kept in mind:

  • Your keyword should be present in the first few lines of your content. This helps to have a better search when you promote on a site like Facebook, Google+, etc.
  • You should use hashtags for your main keyword in your content.
  • You should submit your optimized keyword content on the top social bookmarking and voting sites
  • Present your content in various ways in different sites so that it gets searched with different terms.
  • Search for people who have a high rank in the social forum who have similar keywords as yours. Try to convince them to share your content too! Do not appear as a competitor to them.

These hacks to optimize your content for SEO articles are very effective. It is always advisable that you experiment these hacks yourself and start having a higher rank for your content on the social forum. Make your content good with good optimization. You may hire a content writing company for enrichment of your content.

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