Are Virtual Office Services Right for You?

Whether you need an office in Milton or are seeking to establish a start-up in London, virtual office services make it possible for you to concentrate on your core business needs whilst doing so affordably. You can even make it easier on yourself by signing up online. That way, you can select the virtual office package that best fits your business support needs.

Signing Up Is Easy

When you sign up online, you will need to give the provider your ID. Once they receive the identification, you instantly acquire a support staff and an impressive company address. For example, if you work as a financial professional, you might want to choose a virtual location at No. 1 Royal Exchange Avenue in London. Perhaps you own a tech company. Then choosing a virtual address in Reading would be ideal.

Not only do you receive a professional location for your business, you can also choose from a variety of call answering services. These kinds of offerings enable small businesses to get their foot in the door so they can more easily attract clients and grow as a company.

Defining the Virtual Office

A virtual office is a space that features all the advantages of a primary business address without being an actual office. Your new company address is used to establish business legitimacy. However, you don’t have to pay a high price in order to do so. Potential clients also have the ability to contact you directly.

Supplementary services provided with a virtual office space include such amenities as reception, a day office, and meeting facilities. The virtual receptionist answers inbound telephone calls on your company’s behalf. A day office is provided when you need to work at the physical location of your virtual office address. If you need to meet clients, then you can access conference rooms as well.

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All the Conveniences Without the Cost

Two of the major advantages of a virtual office address and service are the location and the cost effectiveness. Monthly prices begin at around £35, so the expense is not prohibitive. When you choose a virtual location in the UK, you can select from a wide range of addresses. Therefore, you can customise your selection to your client base and your type of business. You get all the convenience of an actual office. However, you don’t have to pay the high price.

The serviced and virtual office market is prospering. As the need for more cost efficient support increases, so does the need for virtual office help. In recent years, the virtual office business has triggered double-digit growth, especially in London and the surrounding areas. In the London area alone, the virtual office industry has grown by 67% in the last decade and now accounts for 25% of the office assistance sector. The momentum has spread into major UK cities too, all of which report more than a 15% growth in the number of virtual centres.

The need for virtual office services today is fuelled by the growth of SMEs and the ongoing shift toward flexible working environments. As advancements in technology are made, the office culture in the UK will shift away from the traditional nine a.m. to five p.m. working week. It has never been easier to work remotely, thanks to virtual offices, amenities and serviced office addresses.

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