6 Websites That Will Revolutionize The Way You Cook

Cooking is one of those many things that for most of us, is a necessity, and a hobby for some. But have you ever thought about the way you cook? Could you do it better? Could you be more efficient? Could you have innovated a bit more with the dish you are whipping up?

Nowadays in this age of digital haven, most of us probably turn first to the internet before consulting heirloom family recipes when it comes to cooking. The internet is a treasure trove of recipes and gorgeous YouTube videos demonstrating those magical cooking techniques – all accessible at your fingertips.


Most of us probably do it this way: we dig out a recipe that we have wanted to try for ages, then go about getting the required ingredients. This often results in a waste of food – what do you do to that giant block of parmigiano reggiano after you’ve sliced off the tiny bit you needed for your recipe? Here comes Yummly to the rescue. Instead of centering your grocery shopping round your recipes, why not do it the other way round? Yummly allows you to search for recipes by ingredient, and even has advanced filter options if you need to weed out certain ingredients, for example.



Foodnetwork is more than just a recipe site; it is a celebration of food and dining culture. The website itself is a complement to the popular TV channel, and allows fans to check up on programs that they are interested in. The site hosts a ton of delectable recipes, and also offers lots of information on restaurants for those who prefer to have their food made for them.


Seriouseats is exactly what its name says it is – serious eats. For those whom cooking is more than just a way of satisfying one’s hunger, Seriouseats helps you to discover great places to get food in your neighborhood, especially if you live in one of the major US cities. It also features tons of articles by food enthusiasts, such as experiments to get the best chocolate chip cookie ever. So if you’re keen on both food and cooking, Seriouseats will be a wonderful complement to your lifestyle.



If you love food but are concerned about your waistline, then go to cookinglight.com for recipes and cooking techniques that will allow you to enjoy your food without piling on the calories. Cookinglight also teaches you how to substitute ingredients so that you can have those comfort foods guilt-free. If your weight/calorie consumption is a concern, then Cookinglight is the ideal site for you.


For those who are interested in the background of food and cooking techniques, about.com is your go-to site. While it does provide a plethora of easy-to-follow, solid recipes, about.com also doubles as a rich resource of information on ethnic cuisines, cooking techniques and instructions on maintaining certain cooking utensils. I think of it as a must-read for all foodies, from newbies to veterans. The site also doubles as a sort of encyclopedia when you want to look up ingredients that you have never heard of!


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