6 Top-Notch Types Of Materials For Your Interior Door

When it came to interior doors in the past, the types of materials used to construct them were a few. However, modern interior doors are made of numerous types of materials. It is vital to be aware of some of these materials so that you can be able to make a wise decision for your home.

Choosing the best material for the doors in your house will contribute to your décor, save you money and meet your privacy needs. Knowing what you want, will simplify the purchase process and will help you get a better deal. Some of the materials for interior door construction are:

  • Solid core timber – Manufacturers make solid core timber doors using timber from wood. These doors are very strong and durable especially if the timber is from hardwood trees. The doors are suitable for front doors or in areas where soundproof is necessary such as a music studio.
  • Hollow core timber – These doors are still made from timber but the core is hollow. This makes them very lightweight and cheap. They are idea for interior rooms such as bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms. They help the householder to keep the cost down.
  • Steel – Contemporary interior doors can be of steel. Without a doubt, still is the hardest and strongest material when it comes to door construction. Steel is durable, and can remain strong for many decades as long as you maintain them well. These doors are suitable for outdoor security.
  • Aluminum – This is yet another material that is used in the construction of contemporary doors. Aluminum is strong and durable but lightweight and cheap. If you cannot afford steel doors, then this would be an excellent cost-effective option that will still serve the same purpose. Many experts combine aluminum with other metals since on its own it is a poor insulator.
  • Glass doors – You can have your doors made of glass to add elegance and class to your home. This material is can be strong and durable depending with the design and type of door you buy. The doors are mostly suitable for interior use. To make the doors stronger, manufacturers may frame them with other material such as UPVC.
  • Fiberglass – This material is the newest in the market when it comes to making doors. Depending with your requirements, these doors can be waterproof and soundproof. This makes them ideal in the bathroom and areas that require soundproof. They are also durable.
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