5 Essential Instagram Tips for Online Reputation Management

If you feel that Twitter and Facebook are the only social media platforms that require reputation management planning, then think twice! As the social media networking platforms are evolving and expanding, photo sharing sites like Instagram are gaining high popularity, and pictures speak more than a thousand words, so it’s imperative to be extra-careful with ORM on such sites.

Thinking progressively about Instagram can help your business go viral on multitude of social networks, and you need to deal with online reputation management very carefully too. Being a reputation management professional, you need to consider few aspects, be it about sharing posts on daily basis, or getting more links, not to mention that you need to be equally selective when you buy cheap Instagram followers.

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User Engagement

If user engagement is your main concern, the dynamic and image-centered services provided by Instagram are the key to success. There are certain ways that allow you exploit Instagram for effective branding, which are very much important for mainstream reputation management.


Know the New TOS

Instagram, the most famous picture shaping app for Android smartphones and iPhone has made some alterations to its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which are truly meant for reputation management. With the new changes, they would be able to use or sell user’s photos in advertisement and any pictures uploaded to Instagram aren’t necessarily owned by users. This new change created a buzz in the social media that prompted users to delete their accounts. A new set of rules was then formed to govern the active and thriving Instagram community. So, make sure that you don’t upload any proprietary photos.


Creating Business with Reputation Management

Instagram was introduced with the sole purpose of creating a business; advertising has become a self-sustaining business, but Instagram is not about selling pictures; it is a platform where both brands and users promote their profiles and pictures alike, to expand and strengthen user engagement to develop a meaningful relationship.


Monitor the Followers

In order to make useful and more relevant promotion, it’s useful to observe which of the users that you follow, also follow you back. The privacy setting still gives users control over their account and pictures. If a user has set pictures to private, it’ll be showed only to whom he/she shared with.

Monitor the Followers

Few Other Things to Consider

By knowing with whom to share your pictures with, you can optimize your profile, like any other social media networking site.

  • You need to pick the pictures, which will resonate with your aimed demographic. In order to make the most out of it, use hashtags, wherever possible or else you can build new ones.
  • You can also buy likes or followers to create an impact. Analyze the likes and following links you get as a method of estimating how efficient different types of pictures really are. 

Monitor the Followers

  • If you’ve other better, reputed social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, try syncing them with Instagram.

These are just few simple methods that will show immediate impact; videos and pictures shared on Instagram can make you earn highest viral likes/views. Incorporate the social networking sites into Instagram reputation management, and formulate a great communication plan.

In a nutshell, Instagram is the best tool for those willing to do reputation management and hence ensure you utilize it strategically and wisely.

Kim Taylor is an avid blogger, who knows what works in online reputation management field, and what doesn’t!

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