5 Amazing Pinterest Techniques That Will Drive More Traffic To Your Site

Pinterest isn’t as new as people think, but they’re only starting to realize its potential as a marketing tool. If you want to take advantage of the traffic Pinterest can give you we’ll look at some techniques you should follow.

 Add a hovering ‘pin it’ button

 How do you expect anyone to pin your photos at the moment? Some avid Pinterest users might pin your photos because they like them, but in most cases they won’t if you don’t give them an incentive. We’re talking about getting the maximum amount of people possible to pin your photos when they land on your blog and the easiest way you can accomplish that is by having a hovering ‘pin it’ button above each photo. As soon as your visitors see it they can pin your photo straight away.


 Go straight for the influencers

 If you look closely there will be influencers on any social media platform and those are the people who can make things happen. If they were to re-pin one of your photos you might end up with an avalanche of traffic coming to your site and it would result in lots of sales. You need to become friends with those people in the first place and the only way you can do that is by giving before you start taking. Start re-pinning their photos and leave comments on everything you like.

Go straight for the influencers

 Convert to a business page

 This hasn’t been around for a while, but if you’ve not yet switched your account from a personal one to a business one you should do it straight away. The reason it’s so important isn’t because your page will look different, but it’s about all the numbers you can look at. Once you start digging into the numbers it’s easy to see what is working then you can make Pinterest work for you even better than before, so don’t wait around because it won’t take you long to sort out.

 Aim for different boards

 You don’t want to start stuffing all your photos onto the same board because people who are interested in one thing might not be interested in the others you post about. We can look at a footwear company as an example, so they might have different boards for running shoes, orthopedic shoes, dress shoes, etc. When you start posting specific photos to these boards you’ll end up with more people re-pinning them and your engagement will go up, so that extra little bit of work in the beginning is worth it.

Aim for different boards

 Follow similar businesses

 Do you think you need to do everything on your own? It’s hard to survive online if you do everything on your own, so you should try to team up with similar businesses. Each of you will be able to help each other out and you can take advantage of your combined traffic. Just make sure they’re not competing with you directly otherwise they won’t want to share anything. Once you make lots of friends on Pinterest your traffic can snowball pretty quickly.

 Author Bio: Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Nancy has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.

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