4 Things Your Digital Agency Is Doing Wrong

Do you run a digital agency offering a full range’ of services to clients in Sydney Australia? Although agencies promise the world, too many clients get disappointed by what is offered and what the follow through actually is. To be a full-service agency in a competitive market like Sydney, Australia you need to offer everything from SEO, AdWords management, content marketing, analytics, email marketing campaigns, and more. Don’t overlook a thing or else your clients will feel neglected!

#1: Relying on Old SEO Techniques 

SEO changes too quickly. If you aren’t brushing up on your techniques, or training at least one staff member on a regular basis, you won’t get the SEO results you need. Every single Google update alters the way search engine results show up. If you want to do the best by your clients, get educated about the newest SEO techniques.

Action Item: Designate an expert in SEO (even if it’s you) at your business. This expert needs to go through at least 2 hours a month of SEO training and share the findings with team members.

#2 Not Providing Measureable Results to Your Clients 

It’s a sad but true fact; all too often digital marketing results aren’t always attributed to the digital agency providing the services. Clients forget about all of the effort you have put into the digital presence and believe their own personal efforts are paying off. Remind your clients of the measureable changes you’ve brought to their organization. Take the numbers from prior to your hiring and then present recent numbers at least once a month.

Action Item: Never forget, numbers don’t lie. Clients are often motivated by results and numbers. They won’t forget you if they are constantly reminded of your value.

#3 AdWords Certification for Every Employee

Google makes it easy for every person to understand AdWords Management. They offer free training courses and tests for students to get AdWords Certified. It takes a few hours for employees but they will learn the ins and outs of the process with this training. Take advantage of free resources offered to digital marketing experts in Sydney, Australia.

Action Item: Make everyone in the office get certified in AdWords Management.

#4 Forgetting to Market Yourself 

Do you run a digital agency but not have enough time for your own website? Even though there aren’t enough hours in the day, you must make time to market yourself and your company. Establishing a presence for your own organization is just as imperative is building one for your clients. Your site, social media, blog, SEO, graphics, and more should all “walk the walk.” Digital marketing starts within your own office.

Action Item: Don’t forget to build your brand online while you are working to build others up. Look for the right and trusted digital agency to do these important works for you.


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