3 Twitter Accounts You Should Follow If You Are Passionate About Interior Design

When you need to get new windows for your home or when doing any other kind of renovation, it’s always a good idea to get help from as many different sources as possible. Doing this will help you reduce the risk of errors when making decisions on home design, and will also expose you to more ideas that you can use to improve on your initial plans. A very good example of how you can get such information is through twitter. Most people think of this as a social networking site that is only good for casual interaction. However, it’s possible to get a lot of useful information on how to approach home design by simply following the right people on the social network. Some of these include:


If you are interested in doing home design that is environmentally friendly, this is one of the best twitter accounts you can follow for a few tips and tricks on how to do this. It offers a lot of information on many different aspects of home design and green living, including how you can grow a garden and use it as a decoration as well. You can also get more information on issues such as how to choose the right windows for the home to ensure that heating and cooling of the home is optimized.



Apartment Therapy is a site that is also very useful for people who might be having a hard time deciding on which type of home interior design to get. It is full of before and after pictures that anyone can use as inspiration for doing their own design. In addition to that, it also has links to various articles and blogs that you are likely to find useful in terms of making the design more effective and cheaper as well. For instance, you will find lots of links to sites and blogs that give more information on how to design windows in order to achieve a specific effect.


A large number of people these days use Ikea products, or are at least familiar with them. This twitter account has loads of ideas on how you can convert unused Ikea products into something more unique or striking. The instructions are very easy to follow and come with pictures, so you are unlikely to find it difficult to use them. You can also submit any hacks you might have as well.


If you are interested in various aspects of interior design, the above are just a few of the sites you can follow in twitter to get more information on how to do this effectively and cheaply. They also turn out to be handy in cases where you might be running out of ideas on what to do. The fact that this is twitter means that you can also interact with the owner of the account in order to share ideas or ask for any extra information you might need. The one thing you can be assured of is that following them will always be worth it

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