12 Great Outdoor Team Building Activities

The first thing that any organization looks out for in its employees is their team spirit. Team building is a well-known technique of encouraging employee engagement that is being repeatedly used in the corporate world. You can see that as part of the training that they conduct after hiring the employees, the management plans to hold few team building activities that they need to take part in. Every organization understands the need for team building. It is an important aspect when it comes to increasing the productivity of employees and further accentuates smooth working and functioning of a company. Here is a list of top 12 team building activities that you can expect to take part in, after getting placed in an organization.

  1. Crossing obstacles:

These obstacle races in the corporate level entail the same rules and obstacles that you might have crossed during the school days. Right from wall climbing to climbing ropes, the activity covers everything.

  1. Blindfold activities:

Under this, a part of the team would be playing in a blindfold manner while the others need to instruct them to complete the task that the team has been given. The activities are performed through mutual trust that each person has on every individual member in the team. This will help when they need to work as a team later.

  1. Transporting your team:

The team is given a big loop of cloth and the members in the team need to hold the sheet with their raised hands while they walk slowly on the sheet, moving it forward. Imagine a wheel and the spokes inside.  That is exactly how the activity works.

  1. Bowling:

People call it the gutter ball. Keep goals and see which team can win the maximum number of goals.

  1. Treasure hunt:

Who doesn’t love this classic? A regular team activity, you need to solve questions, search for clues and find the treasure as a team.

  1. Outdoor survival:

The organization will plan a situation for you, which is the exact replica of living in a jungle. You need to work as a team and help each other to survive the situation.

  1. Building rafts:

You are provided with all the necessary materials to build the raft to cross the river. It is time to work as a team and get the work done.

  1. Acid walk:

The game requires great coordination among the team members to cross the finish line by walking on bricks or crates that are at a distance from each other.

  1. Ice walk:

In this, you need to walk on two long strips of wood for each leg having a rope. You need to move forward by moving the wood strip with the help of the ropes, together as a team.

  1. Pipeline:

Sounds easy but a game that is difficult to handle! Each individual needs to hold pieces of a pipe and must work in synchronization to pass the ball to reach the end.

  1. Construct:

Given the materials, it is up to you and your team to build the right item out of them. You need to make sure it stands after completion.

  1. Paintball:

A very common activity that has gained popularity in the recent times, paintball is the ultimate team activity that mixes fun with learning. Get your paintball guns ready and get ready to have the time of your life. As the team members try to protect each other and the team as a whole wherein ultimately a strong bond is formed.

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